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8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning Lotteries

No doubt: winning a lottery is a game of chance. There are no 100% guaranteed ways to win a lottery.

Picking winners is random, and each ticket has an equal chance to be drawn as the winner.

Despite this, however, there are a few things people have done (and still do) that have greatly increased their chances of winning lotteries.

I want to share eight of them with you today; perhaps they can help you to increase your chances of winning your favorite TheGlobalWin games.

So what are some ways to increase your chances of winning lotteries?

  1. Understand the odds.

As I already said, the winning odds of each ticket are equal. You must know that first.

You can, however, research the lotteries you’re interested in to determine which ones are easier to win than others.

You can determine this by the number of entries (if you have access to such information), the value of the prize, the price of entry, etc.

You should know that when the value of a lottery prize is high, more people will be interested in it and you’ll be competing with too many entries.

In the same vein, when the price to participate in a lottery is very low, more people will be able to afford it and be willing to risk it.

A N500 lottery ticket would naturally get more interest than a N5,000 ticket, and therefore more competition.

A lottery with a N10,000,000 winning prize would of course get more interested players than a lottery with a N50,000 prize.

Once you understand these things, it helps you to make smarter decisions and balance out the risks.

  1. Buy more tickets

Despite the fact that all tickets have equal odds of winning, someone who has 20 tickets in the same draw just multiplied their own chance of winning by 20!

I mean, even though it’s not a guarantee that their ticket will be chosen, they have increased their odds of winning by 20 times, compared to someone who has just one ticket in the draw.

This is how our International Master’s Game winner, Gold Umeh, won her scholarship to study in Canada. She told us she played this same game 11 times for the same draw!

Why she no go win na? Lol.

  1. Play regularly

Not winning in one draw doesn’t mean you can’t win in the next.

You should compare the price of playing with the prize to be won, and determine if it’s worth playing over and over again.

If, for example, you invest N1,000,000 over time in playing a game that has a winning prize of over N30,000,000, then it might be worth it.

Just always remember that you should only play lotteries with money you can afford to lose, and see it as entertainment because there are no guarantees even in life.

  1. Participate in multiple lotteries

Spreading your tickets across several lotteries is another great way to increase your chances of winning at least one of them

For example, in TheGlobalWin, you can play a few tickets for our international study games, and also play some for our travel games.

One of your tickets can win either of the two games because you participated in both instead of just one.

  1. Enter niche or less popular lotteries

Most lotteries give money as the prize to win, and a lot of people go for those just because everybody wants money.

But… a lottery site like TheGlobalWin giving education and travel sponsorships as prizes is new and not yet mainstream, so this is the best time for anyone to play these games and stand a greater chance of winning them.

  1. Look for promotions or special offers

Lottery brands offer promotions, special offers, and even giveaways, from time to time. Just be on the lookout for these, as they help you afford more tickets, which equals more chances to win.

For example, we at TheGlobalWin recently gave attendees of our Instagram Live a chance to win N1,000 in their wallets to play any of our games. This is free money that winners can use to play our 1k International Passport Game or add more money to play other games.

  1. Read the terms and conditions and follow entry instructions carefully

One of our past winners won a full scholarship for a Master’s Degree in any Nigerian university, and when it was time to redeem his win, he asked for the cash value to be given to him.

Whereas, it’s clear in our terms and conditions that what you win isn’t cash, but payment of all your fees associated with the program.

More so, he had already finished his Master’s program but he played and won a game for sponsoring a Master’s program.

That was enough to disqualify him, unless he has admission for a second Master’s degree.

If he’d read the terms and conditions carefully, he’d have saved us all unnecessary troubles, and probably even won something else he was qualified for.

So, whatever lotteries you want to play, read the terms and conditions well. You might even see tips to help you play better and thereby increase your chances of winning.

  1. Stay informed.

You should keep yourself informed about upcoming lotteries, draws, giveaways, promotions, news, etc, by subscribing to the company’s newsletter or following them on social media.

You should also regularly visit their websites and read their terms and conditions, as companies regularly update those without warning.


These eight tips don’t 100% guarantee that you’ll win a lottery, but following them can increase your chances of winning, even if just slightly, now or in the future. It has helped people in the past, so it can help you too now.

Luckily for you, you can apply them all to TheGlobalWin and increase your chances of winning one or more of our games.

Visit to play any of our games you’re interested in, and follow the tips in this article to increase your chances of winning these games.

May the odds be in your favour!