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3 Ways to Beat the New UK Immigration Rules

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you must have gotten the latest UK immigration japa update.


There was a lot of brouhaha over the UK making new immigration rules for people who want to move to the UK.


Especially people who are hoping to take their family along to the UK through a work or study visa.

So what is the gist?

As you probably know, many visa types allow holders to bring dependent family members to the UK, including work and study visas.

Starting in January 2024, however, international students are no longer permitted to bring dependents to the UK unless they are engaged in PhD studies or postgraduate research programmes.

Additionally, from Spring 2024, social care workers will no longer be permitted to bring in dependents.

The minimum income required to sponsor a partner will also be increased from £18,600 to £29,000 and then later to £38,700—some estimates say early 2025.

That’s not all; also, from 17 July 2024, international students are no longer permitted to switch to work-route visas unless they have completed their course. 

Any exceptions?

This definitely is bad news for those who have been hoping to relocate their family to the UK through the study and work routes.

The only good thing about all of these is that these new rules do not in any way affect those who already migrated. It’s for new applicants.

So, for example, those with a student dependant visa can extend it as long as the main student visa holder (partner or parent) started their course before 1st January 2024.

You might be wondering…

Why all these immigration reviews?

UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said migration levels were “far too high”, after official figures showed record net migration to the UK of 745,000 in 2022.

So, basically, they feel too many people are entering into the UK to stay and this has to be controlled.

Just so you know, Nigerians are the second highest in number on the list of countries people are migrating into the UK from.

Is there a way around these rules?

You’re probably already wondering how to beat these new rules.

Firstly, you have to know that it’s a rule and there’s nothing anyone can do to change it — except the people who made it.

It’s either you comply or find an alternative.

Here are, however, three ways around these new rules:

  1. Travel without dependents if you must study in the UK.

Like I already said, it’s either you comply with the rule or you totally avoid the UK if you can’t.

If you’re single and have no dependents, then you have nothing in the new rules to worry about. Just go ahead and process your study.

The better if you can get study scholarships. 

  1. Go for PhD or postgraduate research programmes.

The good news is that these new rules don’t apply to postgraduate research programs like PhD.

So if that’s what you intend to do, don’t worry; the new rules don’t apply to you. You will be able to take your dependents to the UK. 

  1. Choose other countries.

If you are bent on taking your dependents along with you as you go study abroad, then forget about the UK and consider countries like Canada for your international studies.

Some other countries still give dependent visas for work and study visas; simply go for them. And…do this before they update their immigration rules too.

No one can tell what happens next now that the UK has taken this step.

If you came on this page expecting some trick that allows you to carry along dependents to the UK for your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, then we are so sorry to disappoint you. There is no such trick or maneuver for now.

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